Nomads. Everyone's Community

We are a community made from members all over the world
and are currently 0 members strong!

About Us

Let's look at some of the few things that make us great!


Powerful Servers

We host our servers on powerful hardware which are capable of hosting games like
Squad 44 with 80 players without any issues!

24/7 Uptime

Our servers are always online, so hop on whenever you wish!


Our servers come with top tier protection from attacks so you can keep playing without interruptions!

Community Footprint

Here at Nomads, we take pride in our role towards the communities we're a part of. And in our ranks we have individuals who produce content for the game we play helping to keep them thriving.

Custom Maps

Portraying the real life scenarios of battles in maps created by members of our community.


Making games more fun and realistic are important to us, so our members produce modifications to games to make it happen!


We take part in community wide events across a variety of games such as Squad 44, Squad, World of Warships, ArmA3 and many more!